Valladolid, Spain. 1979


Cless likes walking in the middle of the road, picking up magazines and papers of the streets and rubbish containers and listening to music to zone out of the planet; Cless likes to write his name on the streets, paint graffiti on walls, meet up with his crew, paint a piece, take pictures of the process and get home to see them again and again; Cless enjoys cooking for his friends, He love food and enjoy eating. I documents each dish as when documenting a work process. In his work, Cless is meticulous, almost obsessive, perfectionist. Cless is an ill individual. Cless is sick, He loves women, they are his muses. He loves their hands, he loves their feminine elegance and beauty. This, dirt from the street, the cardboards stacked in blocks and mountains of garbage piled in the corners of the city inspire Cless. He loves the old stuff, and how the time changes everytime; Cless is very curious, loves to investigate and opening doors to new ways, but maybe he opened too many. Visual saturation of information has transformed him on what he is he today, an artist inspired and influenced in different artistic disciplines that continuously enrich and personalize his style through constant a learning and improvement process; Cless buy books. Cless deciphers crucial links of information to find what was agreed. Invest in R & D is essential for physical library and his mental library. As mentioned above, Cless needs information, he needs pictures, he needs to quench his thirst... Cless put all that information in folders, he organised each folder on a very specific way and he creates new pieces with that information. He has many publishing projects and collaborations both paper and digital always on the go, the engine has to keep working constantly. If there are no current projects, he creates them even if that is creating art for himself. He is his most demanding and unconditional fan; Cless loves to exhibit at shows, to exhibit with his friends, alongside other artists that inspire his work, and with the people who create art. He loves to reach other cities and to showcase their work to others. He loves others to feel, get excited and vibrate with his work even if it is only one tenth of the excitement he gets when creating the same piece. Cless wants to fascinate, Cless want to move.


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